Mapping schema elements

The main purpose of hale»studio is of course not to just inspect schemas, but to map the elements of these schemas with the goal of transforming corresponding (geo)data sets.

This is done by creating mapping cells, each representing a relation between the source and target schema. When creating the mapping usually first the relations on type/object level are created (see Identify type relations), then for each type relation the relations on property/attribute level.

To create a new relation, there are two options:

  1. Select the Add a new relation command from the Edit menu or the application tool bar. You will then be prompted to select the function that is applicable for the relation you want to create.
  2. Select the schema elements you want to map in the Schema Explorer, then click on the button Select a mapping function in the center of the view, between source and target schemas. A menu will appear, listing the relation types applicable for the selection. Choose the relation type you want to create.

    You can do any complex selection in the Schema Explorer, such as selecting three elements on the source side and one element on the target schema side. To select multiple elements, press the CTRL button while clicking on the items. Using the CTRL button will also allow you to deselect a schema element.

After selecting the relation type, you have to specify which schema entities should be used for the source inputs and target outputs defined in the relation function.

Then, depending on the relation, you may have to specify parameters for the function, e.g. a format pattern for the Formatted string function.

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