What is an Alignment?

The alignment is the mapping between source and target schemas. It defines relations between source and target entities (types or properties). Based on the defined relations a transformation is derived.

Each relation is represented in the Alignment by a mapping cell. In the image below a mapping cell is represented as it would be displayed in the Alignment view. In the example the type t1 from the source schema is mapped to the type person in the target schema, the relation is represented by the Retype function.

Creates a person instance for each t1 instance in the source data set.

Property relations only take effect in the context of a type relation. This means first a type relation must be defined, then property relations between the involved types can be specified.

Based on the mapping cells contained in the alignment a transformation is derived, which is executed on the source data loaded in the application with each change to the alignment.

What is a Schema?

What is a mapping cell?


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Editing a Mapping Cell

Deleting a relation