SQLite and SpatiaLite Import

Support for SQLite and SpatiaLite in hale studio is based on the generic Database import based on JDBC, and thus has the same limitations. For convenience, you can simply select a .sqlite file to import it ("From file") instead of providing a JDBC URI ("From database"). Similar to Shapefiles, you also need to load schema and data separately from the file.


To support SpatiaLite the mod_spatialite extension for SQLite must be available. For Windows users the extension is provided together with hale studio, for other operating systems you may find it in your package manager or can compile it yourself.

hale studio specifically supports version 3 and 4 of SpatiaLite, but should also work with previous versions. Please let us know if you experience any problems working with your files.

SpatiaLite on Windows

hale studio ships with the SQLite extension mod_spatialite (Version 4.2.0), which is available as DLLs in the main hale studio directory. You can replace the library and its dependencies with different versions, e.g. as provided on the project page.

SpatiaLite on Linux

To compile mod_spatialite please follow the instructions on the project page. The SQLite extension is part of the libspatialite project where you can also find the source code.

You may need to install certain prerequisites to be able to compile the library. As an example, on Ubuntu 15.04 we needed to install the following packages:

After compiling/installing the library, make sure that mod_spatialite.so is available on your library path.

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