GML Data Import

When selecting a GML file for data import, choose Import as GML (Features). The import will load all instances of mapping-relevant types found in the file, given they are derived from the GML AbstractFeatureType. The root element is ignored by default as it is assumed to be a container element, e.g. a GML FeatureCollection.

If certain GML geometry types are encountered, additionally to reading the XML structure, geometry objects are created, which can be displayed in the map view and used for the mapping.

Currently supported are the following geometry types:

Currently not supported:

Load data from a WFS

hale»studio offers the possibility to load data based on a WFS GetFeature KVP request. You can specify the request URL manually or use the ... button to launch a wizard assisting you in building the URL from the service capabilities.

When determining the URL based on the service capabilities, you can specify the feature types to select from the server. Furthermore, you can specify a bounding box for the features to request and specify a maximum number of features that should be returned by the server.

When loading from WFS sources, hale»studio supports request pagination, a capability that was introduced with the WFS 2.0 standard. You can activate or deactivate request pagination on the XML/GML settings page. If activated, the number of features that will be retrieved per request can also be set.

Even though pagination was introduced in the WFS 2.0 standard, there are WFS server implementations available that support this feature for WFS 1.1.0 requests as well. If you know that the queried WFS supports this and activate pagination, hale»studio will paginate the requests also for WFS 1.1.0 requests.

Troubleshooting loading GML data

If you get an error message that complains about a Spatial Reference System that is not known to the application, use the Additional CRS preference page (available through WindowSettings) to register the Well Known Text of the missing reference system. If you have issues with loading a GML file, please provide us with feedback on the issue.

Also please note that many existing WFS implementations have a few peculiarities regarding the support for KVP requests, specifically some WFS 2.0.0 implementations. If experiencing problems with a WFS 2.0.0 server, try using the same server via its WFS 1.1.0 interface.

What is an Instance?

Working with a source data set