What's new in hale»studio 5.1.0?

For a full list of changes, please check out the changelog on GitHub

We extend our sincere gratitude to Umweltbundesamt Deutschland and the Landesamt für Digitalisierung, Breitband und Vermessung (LDBV) Bayern for their generous support and collaboration in the development of this release. Their valuable contributions have played a crucial role in enhancing the capabilities and quality of our software.

New features

Map Update

In this release, we've enhanced the default map by upgrading it to OpenStreetMap, resulting in improved visualization capabilities for enhanced user experience and data interpretation.

Consistent Experience for Excel and CSV

In this release, we've enhanced the Excel/CSV functionality with several new features:

  • Exporting multiple types of features to Excel/CSV is now simpler and faster, improving your workflow efficiency.
  • Even if your feature types have no data, you can still export them to Excel for future reference, enhancing data management flexibility.
  • We've resolved issues with the Excel reader not recognizing empty rows, ensuring smoother data processing and accuracy.
  • The Excel functionality now seamlessly aligns with our CSV export wizard, providing a unified and consistent experience across formats for enhanced usability.

Better Excel Support

In this release, we've introduced a new feature to Excel that enables you to seamlessly work with multiple sheets simultaneously, streamlining your data management tasks for increased efficiency and productivity.

Enhanced Date Formatting

In this release, you now have the flexibility to select from predefined or custom formats for Date cells during Excel and Strings that represent a date in the CSV import, empowering you with greater control and customization options over your data handling process.

Update offline versions of INSPIRE schemas to 2024.1.2

We've updated the offline versions of INSPIRE schemas to 2024.1.2, utilizing the INSPIRE schema release v.2024.1.2 - 21/02/2022.