What's new in hale»studio 5.0?

For a full list of changes, please check out the changelog on GitHub

To avoid any compatibility issues when using an existing workspace, we recommend starting with a fresh one when you install hale»studio 5.0.0

The development work for this release was co-funded by the European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA) under Action No 2018-EU-IA-0093.

New features

Migrated hale»studio from Java 8 to Java 17

Until now, hale»studio used Java 8 as its runtime but from this release hale»studio runtime is migrated to use Java 17 and also all other related libraries are updated to be compatible with Java 17.

Updated hale»studio's Groovy version to 2.5

Another major migration was to update Groovy from Groovy 2.4 to Groovy 2.5. This migration was necessary as a part of Java 17 migration.

TopoJSON writer

This release adds the additional option to export source or transformed data in TopoJSON format.

Initial value to sequential ID

This release add a support to provide initial value during sequential ID generation function which users were not able to do until now.

Preserve original column order in CSV export

This release also adds a fix to preserve the original column order when exporting data in CSV format. A new check box is added that can toggle this functionality.

Skip lines when reading CSV file

This release adds an additional option to skip n number of lines when reading CSV files.