The plug-in has been designed to have as little impact on the regular hale studio user as possible, so the basic workflow to produce a hale alignment still applies.

This section does not aim to be a comprehensive tutorial on hale studio or GeoServer; instead, it assumes the user has at least some familiarity with both hale studio and GeoServer App-Schema and focuses on describing the core functionality of the plug-in, how it affects ordinary hale studio usage, how a mapping behaves differently for App-Schema than in hale and what users should pay attention to.

For a more entry level tutorial, covering also the basics of setting up a hale project and providing some real world mapping examples, please refer to the Complex Features Training from GeoSolutions. The training materials can be downloaded here.

Basic workflow

  1. Create a new hale project and command linkimport source and command linktarget schemas, as usual. Currently, for the source schema you are limited to schemas imported from a PostGIS database. For the target schema, a GML application schema should be used.
  2. Turn on the GeoServer compatibility mode, to be notified when an incompatibility that makes the alignment not automatically translatable to an App-Schema mapping is detected.
  3. Define the type and property relations composing the alignment.
  4. Export the alignment as an App-Schema Configuration.