GeoServer App-Schema Plug-in for hale studio

GeoServer is an open source software server written in Java that allows users to share and edit geospatial data using standard OGC protocols (WMS, WCS, WFS). GeoServer provides support for a broad selection of simple feature data stores, including property files, shapefiles, and JDBC data stores such as PostGIS and Oracle Spatial.

The App-Schema extension provides support for Complex Features in GeoServer by taking one or more of these simple feature data stores and applying a mapping to convert the simple feature types into one or more complex feature types conforming to a GML application schema.

The GeoServer App-Schema Plug-in for hale studio brings the possibility to convert a hale alignment to a GeoServer App-Schema mapping configuration. Once uploaded to a live GeoServer instance, this configuration will enable WMS / WFS access to the transformed GML data.

Installation requirements

The plug-in is already bundled in the standard hale studio distribution, starting from version 2.9.4. A recent GeoServer version (2.8.0+) is required. Note that the App-Schema extension is not part of the standard GeoServer distribution and must be downloaded separately.

Known limitations

At this stage, not every single hale function can be automatically translated to App-Schema mapping directives.

Currently supported functions include:

Type relations Property relations

Type and property filters are currently not supported. Priorities for relations are not supported as well, likewise the creation of additional target properties via instance contexts.