HALE Schema Transformation Plug-in for FME

The HALE Schema Transformation Plug-in for FME brings the possibility to easily combine data processing in FME with a HALE schema transformation. For FME users, access to HALE means that there is now a user-friendly workflow to bring data from any in FME supported format such as an Esri File GDB to any complex GML 3.1/3.2 Application Schema. HALE is integrated as a GML Writer that can be used at the end of any transformation process in FME. FME can thus be used to perform input format conversion and to do merges, joins or geometric transformations, while the HALE GML Writer is used to make mapping to the output schema a simple and efficient process.

The plug-in was implemented by Fraunhofer IGD in cooperation with Safe Software.